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Plasma Metal Cutting Myrtle Beach

CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma has a number of advantages over other forms of metal cutting, which explains why we use it extensively in order to give customers the products they’re looking for. Plasma metal cutting can be used on all electronically conductive materials; it’s particularly suitable for cutting steel and in some situations aluminum.

Fiber Laser Cutting Myrtle Beach

Fiber Laser CNC Sheet Cutting

The major thing that makes laser cutting machines great is that they can cut metal very accurately. Laser cutting uses a high-power laser that focuses the laser beam to burn, melt, vaporize or is blow away by a jet of gas to leave a high-quality surface finished edge. Our lasers can cut through metals like aluminum, brass, and copper.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Myrtle Beach

Fiber Laser CNC Tube Cutting

Laser Tube cutting saves time and reduce the number of components needed for a build. With laser tube cutting we can offer new applications or improve existing ones within industrial sectors and increase profit margins by creating tubular frames and metal structures that are more precise and faster to assemble.

metal finishing grinding deburring

Part Finishing & Deburring

Parts will be attractive, smooth and ready to use. Our laser cut deburring/finishing process is included – but not all finishes are equal.  Some more detailed finishes can impact lead times & pricing. If you are wondering which class of finish suits your project’s requirements- please reach out with your questions.

product development caliper

Product Development

Need Help designing your product? We recognize the importance of getting products to market. So, we work one-on-one with the client to create their parts. To learn more about our product development – check out this case study and see our product development page

file conversion dxf metal cutting

File Conversion

By using digital files, machines can work with all forms of metal to create custom pieces that come out in the exact size and design you seek. We look for several main file formats when cutting- DXF, F3D, AI, SVG & DWG. You can send us your files directly to get a quote 

Cutting Capabilities

sheet metal cutting capabilities myrtle beach

Sheet / Plate Cutting

Carbon Steel – up to 1 inch (26 mm)
Stainless Steel – up to half inch (13 mm)
Aluminum – up to half inch (13 mm)
Max allowable sheet size is 59” by 118” (1.5 Meters by 3.0 Meters)

tube laser metal cutting capabilities myrtle beach

Tube Cutting

1 inch to 7 inch (25-200mm) outer diameter for tube cutting.
Round, square and rectangle profiles

laser cutting tolerances caliper


Kerf compensation for both inside and outside contours we can hold a tolerance of +/-0.005” or better.

Our Process

metal fabrication process 1

Contact us

We are available Monday – Saturday to speak to you about your project. Our team works with each of our clients to educate, collaborate and create winning solutions.

metal fabrication process 2


We focus on estimating each metal fabrication projects to every client. Backed by the knowledge and skills necessary to break down complex projects into meticulous detail.

metal fabrication process 3

Design & Prototype

If you have a design idea, drawing or concept that needs prototyping, we can get you started and take you all the way through to production.

metal fabrication process 4


Our cutting processes produces highly durable and precision cut parts and prototypes . Turnaround for cut parts are often processed and completed within just 2-5 days of an order.

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