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Bronco Case Study

A local business restoring classic Ford Broncos
gets customized metal fabrication

A Bronco frame ready for updating – from a previous frame repair that failed.

The Problem

Stress fractures and failure within the original factory frames can cause steering instability or catastrophic failure of the steering box mounting points.

The Challenge

Classic bronco frames were manufactured by hand, making each frame was slightly different every time they made them.

To repair the issues, they were using a bracket that required added drilling and grinding to fit within the location, either to reinforce the frame or to mount alternative steering boxes. The plate was designed to fit on one side of the frame rail only. This design process required many adjustments and even further modification to fit on the opposite side of the frame rail.

The Design Process


A preliminary sketch of the bracket, created in Fusion 360, CAD – computer aided (CAD) design software.

3d render bronco bracket

A 3D rendering of the bracket, created in Fusion 360, CAD – computer aided (CAD) design software.

prototype bronco process

A prototype for testing and cutting. Cut on our 5×10 table using a Hypertherm CNC Plasma.

test fitting bronco process

A test fitting of the Plate – Prior to welding.

welding plate bronco process

A welded plate – ready for steering controls.

Our Solution

We recognize the importance of getting products to market. So, we worked one-on-one with the client to recreate the bracket. 

We utilized computer aided (CAD) design software to recreate their product and test the probability of functionality of the prototype. We stepped through some variations of a few frames, cuts, and welds to get the bracket just right.

In conclusion, we created a custom bracket that not only fits on both sides of the vehicle frame but has additional mounting points for multiple steering box options.  The design changes increased efficiency while decreasing labor time in production.


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