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Custom Fences Gates & Rails

Make Your Home or Business Memorable

We build custom fence and rails in our welding/fabrication shop. Delivering custom solutions to clients looking to bring superb quality to South Carolina’s Grand Strand.

Myrtle Beach Residential Black metal fence


Define and enhance the usability and enjoyment of your exterior living space. We can help you design a project that adds value to your property and beautifies your home. CSG delivers quality fences, gates, privacy panels,  & much more!

myrtle beachcustom decorative business fence

Commercial & Business

Have you considered adding creative designs to attract business or beautify your community? CSG offers superb custom-made products. Embed your street address, or place your logo on a customized fence, gate, or handrail.

Steel Metal Fence Myrtle Beach

Custom Fence & Rail Materials

When most clients purchase a fence, they first look for appeal and whether it meets their needs and budget. Other factors to be considered when buying a fence should include reliability and durability. Our efficient manufacturing processes enable us to honor requests for stylish custom fence & gate designs in the following metal finishes:  

Aluminum – Aluminum fence is a classic and durable choice for any home.

Steel – Steel provides unparalleled protection to your property and will outlast any other type of fencing.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is an iron alloy resistant to rusting. Many have chosen this material for its durability, sturdiness, security, and style.

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Services We offer

Design and Fence Estimates Myrtle Beach

Design & Estimates

When you work with CSG, you get a dedicated group ready to design, build and deliver your project vision.

Sheet Metal Fence Panel Inserts

Fence Panels & Inserts

Don’t Settle for bare fences! You can style your gates, fences, and rails with logos, graphics, or stylish patterns. 

Powder Coat Paint Custom Fence


We can work with you to ensure your custom fence has a durable and stylish finish. 

Fence Installation Myrtle Beach


To ensure the highest quality strength and structural integrity, we will connect you with one of our third-party vendors within the Myrtle Beach area.

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